This is major...It’s the perfect tool!
— Jill Martin
If a friend suggests the Pill as a remedy to your short-game woes, don’t assume he means you need pharmaceutical help.

I’d stake my reputation on the efficacy of The Pill.

Our in house golf pro was shocked to see how accurate this ball was at showing the club angles that hit the ball on the practice mat. With or without a putting green this pill can help you shave those extra strokes off of your short game.
View: Golf Eval review

View: Golf Eval review

Some training aids are nothing but gimmicks...The Pill is anything but a gimmick, and definitely a worthwhile investment

In our clinical trial, the Pill proved to be a confidence booster. After a few dozen doses, it felt easier to get the real ball rolling.

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In golf, good ideas routinely emerge from the little guys—this year, one favorite is The Pill...a simple, fun, and easy-to-use practice aid.

The best training aids require no explanation. Knowing how much I love sadistic training aids, I think this is a surefire winner.

Golf fashion may be slow to change but technology isn’t... [The Pill] reacts in different ways when it is incorrectly struck - even if the strike was only subtly imperfect.

We watched it being putt through an 8 foot break and if your stroke is true it will remain upright, which is pretty amazing.

Looks like a tire on a remote controlled car, but it’s a unique and worthwhile practice tool...a must-have.

I firmly believe this is one of the best training aids I have seen in a long time due to its simplicity and ability to provide immediate feedback to its user.

One of the more affordable training tools on the market.

Adds to some creativity around the greens. It is easily transportable to anywhere. The Pill is a solid training aid. No prescription required.

The Pill trains you to attain a solid and consistent contact with the putter. With that, the quality of your putts will improve.
Paul Doesn’t pay us a dime
and we LOVE his product.
— Dennis Paulson