With so many head, grip, and weight combinations, how is it possible to really know which is the best one for you.  putter fitting is extremely complicated, few people, even at the tour level, understand it. The 2-Pill-Drill is a great way to easily see the effects of each and every minute change a putter makes in your stroke.  check out the video below to see:

PGATSS is catching on. Southlake, TX See Chris for a fitting!


Wedge fit with the Flat-Pill-Drill:

1. Chipping/Bump-and-Run: the one that gets the most consistent release to the hole is the best camber/grind and bounce for you. If the release left or right, or if you slide under (close to a double hit), the grind is wrong for you. 

2. Full Shot: Tape up the face.  The wedge with the most center located at the sweet-spot is the right one.  If the marks are too high, too little bounce, too low, too much bounce