The Shaprstown Project

Building Golf, Scholarship, and Community in the inner city.

Bringing opportunity to young men and women who have not had access to the greatest game is the focus of this project.  With a global community, made up of caring people we have met on our journey, we are truly in a position to change lives of these kids.  With Paul's commitment to long term mentoring, guidance, and watchful eye on academics, scholarship and golf can be joined together to give lifelong tools to students who have the power to change their community. 

The golf world is paying attention to what is happening in Houston. Having been compared to the Eastlake Project in Atlanta was a huge honor and keeps the positivity and momentum going to change the lives of these young men. Our program includes refugees who fled Iraq, Iran, and Jordan, as well as those who lose family members to drugs and violence. Help make a difference by simply talking about this project and spreading the word.

The Sharpstown Project featured on The Golf Channel

The Sharpstown Project featured on The Golf Channel

Photo Cred: Andra Harlowe Levity Photography