Congrats on finding golf's first, putting and short game practice ball. See why almost thirty of the worlds best players are using The Pill to hone their games. The Pill is starting to show up at some of the premiere clubs and sporting goods stores across the planet.

I. Basic alignment

For alignment exercises, your Pill™ should be upright and aiming towards the hole.  


Give it a swing. What happened to your Pill™'s path as it rolled?

  1. "It rolled straight!"  Congratulations! Your alignment and stroke were square.
  2. "It curved inward, towards me."  That means your clubface was slightly closed at impact. Proceed to our closed-face exercise here.
  3. "It curved out and away" Your clubface was slightly open at impact. Proceed to our open-face exercise here.

Unlike other training aids that force you to keep a birds-eye view to determine roll path, The Pill™ makes it easy to quickly see which way you're rolling.

II. Two-Pill™ Drill

To get a deeper look at how you release your clubface, place two Pill™ balls parallel with sides touching.


Take a swing. What happened?

  1. "They rolled together at almost the same rate"  Congratulations! You're releasing the club perfectly.
  2. "The inside Pill™ rolled ahead of the other"  You aren't releasing or rotating your club face enough. Proceed to our open-face exercise here.
  3. "The outer Pill™ rolled ahead of the other"  You over-released or flipped the face closed. Proceed to our toe flip exercise .

The 2 Pill Drill is like having a high speed camera at your disposal. See your club face clearly at impact and exactly how you release the club. Here, Chesson takes us through how he uses it on tour to keep his game sharp.

III. Distance

Try the above exercises at 3 feet, 6 feet and 12 feet. After a few practices, you'll be hitting a regular ball with more confidence and precision.