Dying to putt, but stuck inside? The Pill™ works anywhere, anytime. Here's what you'll need:

  • a Pill™ or two

  • a cup

  • putter

  • small space

Using the cup as a target, try the exercises below to naturally finesse your swing wherever you are - home, the office, or stuck in the clubhouse waiting for the storm to pass.

II. Alignment

For alignment exercises, your Pill™ should be upright and aiming towards the hole.  


Give it a swing. What happened to your Pill™'s path as it rolled?

  1. "It rolled straight!"  Congratulations! Your alignment and stroke were square.
  2. "It curved inward, towards me."  That means your clubface was slightly closed at impact. Proceed to our closed-face exercise here.
  3. "It curved out and away" Your clubface was slightly open at impact. Proceed to our open-face exercise here.

Unlike other training aids that force you to keep a birds-eye view to determine roll path, The Pill™ makes it easy to quickly see which way you're rolling.

III. Two-Pill™ Drill

To get a deeper look at how you release your clubface, place two Pill™ balls parallel with sides touching.


Take a swing. What happened?

  1. "They rolled together at almost the same rate"  Congratulations! You're releasing the club perfectly.
  2. "The inside Pill™ rolled ahead of the other"  You aren't releasing or rotating your club face enough. Proceed to our open-face exercise here.
  3. "The outer Pill™ rolled ahead of the other"  You over-released or flipped the face closed. Proceed to our toe flip exercise.

IV. Impact

To check if you are striking the ball properly, set your Pill™ laying flat on it's side. 

Now, give it a putt. What happened?

  1. "It tumbled straight in a line." Congratulations! Your face is square at impact and you are releasing the club head perfectly.
  2. "It scooted forward but remained flat" You are coming up slightly or hitting down too steeply upon impact. Stay down and through on your stroke.
  3. "It went left/right." Your clubface is not square. Try the alignment exercise above to straighten things out.
  4. "It tumbled a bit, then flipped to roll upright." You are flipping the toe closed or over rotating the face if it went left. If it went right you are rotating the face open or cutting your putt

V. Distance & Surface

Explore your home or office for a variety of distance and surface options - hallways, conference rooms, bedrooms, etc. After a few practices, you'll be feeling more confident for your next visit to the links. 


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