putter fitting: the warm-up pack

The new warm-Up Pack with the Red-Pill will bring clarity to your practice with the 2-Pill-Drill.

With all the technology available, there is still no easy way to find out if a putter is right for you. Is it the grip, the head weight, the head design, the length? Now you can find out. The best fit putter keeps the 2 Pills going straight to the hole as long as possible. There is a clear winner here.


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Pocket-sized swing aid

More than a ball. A golf training aid for immediate feedback anytime, anywhere. Even on the PGA Tour

The Pill golf training ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating flaws for quick detection & correction. Instant insight improves your performance for putt, chip & full shot. Chesson Hadley, PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, relies on his when he's on tour.

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