The Pill™ Golf Training Ball

The original modified training aid. Your pocket-sized secret weapon on the greens. stand it upright for alignment, path, and face angle drills.  Lay it flat and make it flip end over end for speed drills. Chip it, and if your brave enough, play an entire hole with it!


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Includes 1 White Pill™ and 1 Red Pill™ 

This is the perfect start to our more in-depth system of learning.  Indoors or out, carpet, practice green, or course, the feedback is the same.  The 2 Pill Drill will help you make more 10-15 footers and improve your speed.  You will clearly see how you release the putter, revealing the real key to improved putting. Each player has a slightly unique stroke and must build a system of putting that works for them.  Increase your effective range, whether you start at 3 feet and build to 6, or are a pro and trying to drain more 20 footers.  If you get tired of chasing these around the green, move on up to the 3 Pill Warm-Up set. 

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The Pill™ Warm-Up Set

Includes 3 Pill™ balls & small carry bag

Our most popular item updated. Take on the next level of training. Improved clarity for the 2-Pill™ -Drill.  Set up the Red-Pill on the heel or toe and see how you release the club.  See them topple when improperly struck. 

If you're looking for a new putter, there is no easier way to identify the right one for you than with the 2-Pill™ -Drill


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THe international team warm-up pack

Roll your 2 Pill Drill in honor of the International teams ! Support the European's women's and International men's teams as they face off against the U.S.'s golfers in the Solheim and President's Cups. 

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USA Warm up.JPG

The u.s. open WARM-UP SET

includes small carry bag and 3 Red White and Blue  Pill™ Balls

Maybe your an ex-pat living over seas, or dream of coming to live out your golfing fantasies on the tour.  Either way you gotta show your passion for arguably the toughest major of the year.  We may love the long-ball, but the short game will win the U.S. Open.

Do the #2PillDrill in celebration of America's oldest major. Get the bonus benefit of clearly seeing the rotation of your #flatpillchippingdrill on the alternating colored faces: white and red, and blue and white and blue.  It's great to hit it a long way, but the short game will win The U.S. Open. 


The Pill™ Chipping Set

Includes 12 Pill™ balls (10 White, 2 Red) & 1 medium carry bag

For the golf enthusiast. Keeps you practicing for hours. Popular for chip and full-shot training. Spend less time chasing balls and more time finessing your swing. Perfect for the avid golfer looking to improve their short game.  For this price, you can buy a new wedge, or just get better. This is the teacher that you don't need to move on from. 


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The Pill™ Pro Set

Includes 50 Pill™ balls (40 White 10 Red) & 2 large carry bag

Designed for coaches, teams, and avid golfers who spend more time practicing than the average player. Packs enough Pills for an all-day golf party.


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On Tour and in your bag

Handmade in Arkansas, this brings color to your bag.  The print all over style is a great way to stand out.  Seen on the PGA tour and local munis across the country. 

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the red snapback


Coveted and requested by many, we have finally released this modern classic.  It is the perfect splash of color and style.  Take it off the course and you'll have instant cred.  If the flat brim is not your thing, you can always bend it to look like your favorite baseball player.  

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