The Pill™ Golf Training Aid


The Pill™ Golf Training Aid


Named a 2013 Golf Digest Editor’s Pick, The Pill™ delivers dynamic feedback on your stroke by exaggerating your misses for quick detection and correction. The only practice device designed to be played all the way to the hole.

Unconventional design forces a square clubface at impact on putts, chips and full shots. Even the slightest mistake will send The Pill™ wobbling and rolling off line, even tumbling wildly. 

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Immediate Feedback

Patented design provides visual feedback from moment of impact. Unlike training aids that self-correct or force a desired position, The Pill™ reveals your tendencies naturally, allowing you to adjust for a natural, more consistent swing path, release and roll every time.

Lab-Tested Design

A mid-compression core and Surlyn© cover replicate size, weight and feel of regular golf ball. Quality materials stand up to the durability test every golfer demands, while allowing many options for spin and distance control.


Use for putt, chip and full shot. Can be used with any club for nearly every aspect of your game – alignment, impact, spin and angle of attack.